Four Tips to Prevent Puppy Biting

January 15, 2021

In honor of National Train Your Dog Month, we asked YOU what topics you wanted us to cover. The most requested topic was puppy biting. Our team has compiled a list of tips to help you all enjoy your time with your pups...without getting bit!

1. Redirect your puppy:

Using different textures works best. Soft toys, chew sticks, raw veggies, and frozen treats are extremely helpful when it comes to soothing their gums!

Redirect using items that have a similar texture to what your pup is chewing on. This also helps teach them that toys are for chewing, not fingers!

2. Don’t give in to the bites:

Turn your back on them and simply give a monotone “no”. Some puppies will respond better to being ignored, some will respond better to a sharp “ow” and a stop in playtime. Think of it as if they were playing with a littermate and got too rough. The other pup would likely yelp, and that’s an indicator it’s’ time to stop.

3. Don’t pull, go limp:

This tip may not be easy to learn as it’s opposed to what you want to do when you feel pain, but pulling away can get a puppy more excited. You want them to understand they hurt you and that upset you, even if it makes you feel a little guilty.

4. Teach your pup “gentle”:

The gentle command is essentially switching from biting to licking. Close your fist around a treat and let your pup bite it. It’ll hurt, but eventually they’ll (hopefully) get a bit frustrated and switch to licking. As soon as they lick, use your clicker/clicker word and open your hand to give them the treat.

If you’re able to teach your pup the gentle command, you can use it during playtime when they get too mouthy.


Remember to stay patient and be consistent! Always reward good behavior when it occurs. You can undo a lot of great progress by allowing a slip one time. Stick to it and your hard work will pay off!

The Diggs Team
Dog-Loving Pet Parents

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