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#DiggsTeamTips: Traveling with Pets

November 19, 2021

Are you and your pet gearing up for a big adventure? Traveling with a pet can be lots of fun, but it requires a little extra planning to make sure you and your BFF are prepared. To help, the Diggs team has put together some of our favorite tips for successful travels with pets.

1. Take Your Time

“I do everything I can to make each pet's carrier their safe space well before we travel! They get treats in there, favorite toys stay in there, all that fun stuff to form a positive association with the carriers. Also, make sure you give yourself TONS of time before your flight leaves or you start driving! Traveling is stressful and the calmer you can be, the calmer your furry companions will be.”

- Courtney

We’ve all been there—the mad dash to pack, gather your pet, and get out the door in time to make your flight or hit the road. While some pre-travel jitters are unavoidable, try your best to stay calm and take your time. Pets pick up on our energy: if you’re stressed, they will be too!

2. Bring the Comforts of Home

"I always bring my pup's favorite blanket when we travel. Having something familiar that reminds her of home helps her stay calm and comfy."

- Shannon

Travel is often full of unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds. Pets can get a little overwhelmed when they’re experiencing so many new things at once. To help them stay calm, it’s a good idea to pack something familiar to your pup, such as a blanket or toy from home.

3. Stay Hydrated

“Don't deprive your dogs of water when you're traveling (even though you might have to make more stops on a long car ride to let them use the bathroom) - dogs get more thirsty when they're stressed/anxious.”

- Elizabeth

Human and pet travelers alike need to stay comfortable and hydrated while on the go! Be sure to monitor your pet for signs of dehydration while traveling. Dogs tend to get extra thirsty when they’re nervous, so you’ll want to keep water on hand for them. Plus, it’s always a good idea to take some breaks during the journey to stretch those legs and use the bathroom!

4. A Reassuring Touch

“I have flown about 4 times with cats. I like to stick my hand in the carrier to pet them when they start getting anxious and meowing. It is so hard to do this and not give your cat the chance to jump out. I have had to take them into the airplane bathroom to do this a couple of times.”

- Angi

It can be reassuring for pets to be able to see their parent and get a quick pat or scratch. So, when shopping for a carrier, look for one that facilitates contact between pet and pet parent. Our Passenger Travel Carrier has a top zipper that makes it easy to reach in and say hi, give them a treat, or take out a used pee pad. Plus, mesh side panels provide visibility so that your pet can see you and know you’re there.

5. Consistency is Key

“Having a place for my pup to sleep that feels consistent no matter where we are is key. Another clutch item is a travel water bottle.”

- Kimberly

During your travels, keep your pet’s sleeping spot and bedtime consistent whenever possible. This reinforces that their carrier or bed is a safe space where they know they can curl up for the night. Pets pick up on patterns quickly, so it’s helpful to have a predictable nighttime routine.

6. Pack Calming Aids

“I bring his favorite bed and prop it up so he can see out the window. And he gets his Groov or some sort of lick toy.”

- Carlee

Travel can be stressful for our four-legged friends, so bring along some calming aids to help them relax. Our Groov Training Aid is a great option. It promotes licking, which is proven to help pups relax. Plus, it’s a great way to give your pup a mess-free treat while traveling—just pop on the freezer shell to keep crumbs and drips to a minimum! If your pet has severe travel anxiety, consider speaking with your vet about medication options.

7. Stay Comfy in the Car

“I always bring Myka's favorite bed and blanket when I travel solo. She feels the most comfy and safe when she can see me on our car rides. Myka also gets cold easily, so I put the heater vent on towards her for some extra warmth in cooler temps.”

- Alyssa

One benefit of traveling by car is that you’re able to control more variables than on public transportation. Consider what will make your pet feel comfortable, such as adjusting the temperature and keeping their favorite blanket and toy out. Another advantage is that you can stop as frequently as you need to for potty breaks or a quick check-in.

8. Keep Supplies Accessible

“I keep a 'Puppy Duffel' that we pack a few favorite toys, bowls, extra poop bags, medication, an extra water bottle and treats in for the drive/trip. I always keep it behind the passenger seat for easy and quick access while we are on-the-go.”

- Lilly

No one wants to be rummaging through the car searching for a lost toy or medicine. Having all of your pet’s essentials organized, consolidated, and within easy reach can save a lot of stress while traveling.

We hope these travel tips have helped you prepare for your next trip! If you use any of these tricks, be sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram @DiggsPet.

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