🚨 JUST LAUNCHED: Enventur Inflatable Travel Kennel

Introducing Enventur

The uncompromising inflatable travel dog kennel.

A Better Way To Travel With Your Dog

Introducing Enventur, an inflatable travel kennel that your dog has (probably) always dreamed of.

With the durability and safety of hard-sided kennels and the convenience of lightweight soft-sided kennels, Enventur is truly uncompromising. You can easily deflate Enventur and fold it flat when it's not in use!

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Versatile & Secure

Enventur is uniquely shaped to fit in a variety of vehicles and provide maximum pet comfort. To help safely transport your pet, Enventur features four d-rings to tie down to either the bench seat or cargo space of your vehicle.

The small and medium are compatible with most vehicles, while the large size requires the cargo space of an SUV, van or similar.

Enventur can be fully inflated in your car, so it easily fits into smaller vehicles where standard hard-wall kennels typically cause difficulty.

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