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The Revol Crate Cover gives your dog privacy and turns their Revol crate into a stylish den. Our magnetic cover features a modular, multi-paneled design that allows you to customize your pup's den to their liking without losing any of Revol’s functionality. Made from high-quality ballistic nylon, a durable and stain-resistant fabric, the Revol Crate Cover will keep your pup comfortable and your crate looking great for years to come.

Designed for Revol
Fits Revol perfectly, allowing you to use all of Revol’s unique features even when the cover is fully attached.

Customizable & comfortable
Choose which sides of the Revol crate are covered to optimize airflow, visibility, and light for you and your pup.

Works like magic
No frustrating ties or zippers. Hidden magnets make it easy to attach, remove and store.

Durable & stain resistant
Made from ballistic nylon, commonly used in premium luggage, our Revol Crate Cover can withstand most abuse and will naturally repel stains and wrinkles. And if you ever need to clean it, simply wipe it down.

Patent Pending

Finally, a crate cover as elegant and functional as Revol.

Traditional crate cover

Pet parents have long struggled with traditional wire dog crate covers. Their design has largely stayed the same for decades. Here’s some common issues pet parents find with them:

  • 😡Poor fit:Loose cloth, ill-fitting and begging to be chewed on by your eager pup.
  • 😭Not modular:Usually “on” or “off” with minimal ability to open a side or two.
  • 😤Cumbersome:Hard to attach and align correctly; must roll-up panels to access a door.
  • 😔Damage prone:Made of fabrics like cotton which wrinkle, tear and get dirty easily.

Revol dog crate cover

We combined our love of dogs with our love of design to build a better crate cover. We did extensive research around crate covers to engineer the best, most flexible and attractive dog crate cover possible.

  • 🤗Perfect fit:Designed for Revol to be both functional and beautiful.
  • 😍Modular:Cover or uncover any side or panel that you want, to create the perfect den.
  • 😉Seamless:Easily attach or remove panels; no need to remove any panels to use your crate.
  • 😁Durable:Made of ballistic nylon which is naturally durable, wrinkle-free and stain resistant.

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