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Revol | Features Overview

November 1, 2019

[Video Transcript]

Zel: Hi. I’m Zel. This is the Diggs Revol dog crate intro series. I’m here with Hillary and Willie, pet parent.

Hillary: Hello.

Zel: I think you had a question for me about the Diggs Revol dog crate.

Hillary: That’s right. I’m also a new Revol dog crate owner. So I was hoping you could give me an overview.

Zel: Sure. Let’s go through all of the features. This is the front door. To open it lift up the handle and to close it lift on the handle again and release. To make sure that it’s all secure just give a little tug on the mesh and you’ll see it’s nice and closed. To open the ceiling hatch, just turn the knobs 180 degrees. Lift up to open and then reverse to close.

Zel: There’s a tray underneath. You just pull it out to clean it. Now if you want to install the puppy divider again, you open up the ceiling hatch and you put the puppy divider in which comes with this. With the pins here. Facedown. In it goes. There’s two sets of holes to install the puppy divider. One is in the middle. One is about -- open this up to make sure you get a good view --- one is in three quarters towards the back. You first install in the holes in the ceiling. Once those are nice and in you just drop it in the holes in the base and there you go. To remove, just reverse.

Okay, to operate the side door, the two things here, that you just have to squeeze like this on each side. And then to open the door once you’re squeezing both sides you simply push up and then you just lift it all the way. Make sure the holes and the pins go into the holes in the top and that the magnet engages in the middle as well. and there you go. To close it, do the reverse.

If you want to roll the crate, you simply tilt it at an angle -- like that. Get a little roll then if you want to collapse the crate, which is what is pretty unique about this product, you grab the ceiling handle, turn it 90 degrees, let the weight of the ceiling carry this down. If a side gets stuck, you just simply push it in to guide it all the way down. If you want to carry this with you out pops the handle here. Off you go.

Hillary: That’s great.

Zel: And that’s it.

Hillary: That’s great. I can’t wait to start using it.

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