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The ABC's of Revol Safety

March 29, 2022

At Diggs, our goal is to make pet products safer. But to ensure the safest possible experience, you - the Pet Parent - have an important role to play, too!

Our commitment to pet safety includes ensuring Pet Parents are well informed and equipped to use our products as safely as possible.

Below you will find three of the most important things that you can do as a responsible Pet Parent to keep your beloved pet safe when using the Revol Dog Crate.

A model trying to demonstrate how to lock the top door of the crate.

Always check locks & latches - Revol features convenient doors and access points (like our ceiling hatch!). When putting your pup into Revol, ensure that all doors and hatches are locked and secure.

We recommend pulling on each door and access point to confirm they are securely locked before leaving your pup unattended.


Be mindful of what goes in - Don’t leave loose items in Revol when your dog is unattended.

Collars and leashes can get snagged and potentially be a choking hazard – they should be removed prior to putting your dog in Revol.

If you feed your dog in Revol, always supervise mealtime and remove excess food before leaving your dog unattended.


Crate training is a must - Done right, crate training helps breed familiarity, trust, and a sense of security between your pup and their Revol Dog Crate.

You should not leave dogs that have not yet been properly crate trained alone and unattended in Revol.

For more tips and information on how to crate train your pup, take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Crate Training. You can find additional safety tips by reading our blog post on ten tips to use your dog crate safely.

If you have any questions on crate training, Revol features, or using Revol safety, feel free to contact our Care Team by sending an email to Our team is here to make sure your crate training process goes as smoothly and safely as possible for you and your pet.

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