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6 Ways to Be an Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

April 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day! Let’s celebrate by showing some love for our pups and our planet! As a pet parent, there are lots of ways that you can get involved. It’s easy to make eco-friendly choices that are kinder on the environment—and that your dog will love! We’ve rounded up some ideas to inspire you to spend this special day in a green way:

Sustainable swaps

When possible, reducing single-use plastic and disposable items is a great way to minimize landfill waste. There are tons of sustainable swaps on the market! If you’re bringing some treats out for leash training or an afternoon at the park, resealable treat pouches are a great way to keep food fresh on the go. When your pup gets thirsty, reusable pet water bottles are a great alternative to plastic water bottles. You can also give clean-up time an eco-friendly boost with reusable towels or compostable wipes. Use them to freshen up those muddy paws, then simply pop them in the wash so that they’re ready for next time.

Choose to reuse

Sometimes, the most sustainable option is the one that’s already in your home! Get creative and try to think of ways to reuse what you have. For example, you can add an old t-shirt to your pup’s crate! Your pup will love the snuggly soft fabric, and your scent will help them feel calm during crate training. If your puppy has grown out of any pet supplies, such as a small collar, see if you can pass them along to a friend or donate them to a local animal shelter. You’ll be helping the planet (and helping pups) by giving these items a second life!

Take a walk

If you’re able to, opt to walk instead of drive when possible. Heading out for a quick errand? Bring your pup along and make it a fun stroll that you can enjoy together. Or, try swapping out an indoor activity like video games or movie night for a family walk. You’ll save energy in your home, and your pup can let some energy out—it’s a win-win! (While you’re on your walk, don’t forget: littering stinks! Be sure to properly dispose of your pup’s poop bags.)

Remember to recycle

As a pet parent, you’ll inevitably encounter some single-use plastic such as toy boxes, medicine containers, and other packaging. When possible, try to recycle these items! Every region has different recycling regulations, so be sure to check your local guidelines first. Plain cardboard and aluminum cans are usually a-okay, but unfortunately, many dog food bags aren’t recyclable. To help combat this issue, our sister company Open Farm uses an amazing recycling program, TerraCycle to upcycle the packaging. If you’re curious, you can find out more about the program here!

Appreciate our natural world

Sure, Earth Day is about taking care of our planet, but it’s also about appreciating it! Earth Day is a perfect opportunity to go for a hike, discover a new park, or explore a nature preserve in your area. Experiencing the great outdoors is a wonderful time to bond with your pup and gain an appreciation for the environment, together. Plus, your dog will love the chance to sniff around and take in some new scenery!

Shop smart

When you’re shopping for pet supplies, consider options that are made with sustainable materials or reused supplies. Another important consideration is selecting products that are durable and long-lasting. It’s usually kinder on the planet to buy one high-quality product that will last for years to come, rather than buying low-quality products that will need to be replaced over and over again. Our Groov Training Aid is made with super-durable, all-natural rubber and designed to stand up to lots of use.

We hope these tips are helpful as you reduce your paw print on the environment. Remember, every small action adds up to create a big change! If everyone works together, our collective effort will make the world a better place for future generations of pets and people.

Do you have another favorite eco-friendly tip? Are you going on a fun, nature-filled adventure? Share it with us on social by tagging us @DiggsPet. We hope you have a fantastic Earth Day!

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