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The Dog Crate Evolv-ed

Evolv is Diggs' slimmest dog crate with novel "Playpen Mode" and modular design.

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From crate to great

We make all of our pet supplies with the same values – purpose, quality, thoughtfulness and a little audacity.

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"Revol is as functional as it is beautiful - a design lover’s dream"
"The Diggs crate is incredibly versatile"
"One of the best collapsible dog crates out there"

What other people are saying

My little frenchie loves her Revol! It's easy to set up and take down. Crate training is so easy with this.

- Sonja

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Only the best for your best friend.

You’ll never look at a dog crate the same.

Traditional wire crates

Pet parents have long struggled with traditional wire dog crates & beds. Their design has largely stayed the same for decades. Here’s some common issues pet parents find with them:

  • 😡Unsafe:Commonly pinches paws, jaws, fingers and toes. Safety is largely ignored.
  • 😭Ugly:“That black wire crate looks great!” said nobody ever. Clashes with home decor.
  • 😤Cumbersome:Hard to set up, clean up, takedown and transport. A constant headache.
  • 😔Depressing:Dogs love homes, not prisons. So why do so many crates look like jails?

Revol dog crate

We combined our love of dogs with our love of design to build a better crate. We did extensive research around the crate and baby industry, to engineer the best, safest dog crate possible.

  • 🤗Safe:Diamond-shaped mesh and solid, single-piece frame prevent injury to jaws and paws.
  • 😍Beautiful:Revol looks great in your home, in your photos and with your pup.
  • 😉Easy to use:Because you should wrestle with your dog, not your dog crate.
  • 😁Inviting:Designed to be a home. The first crate your pup will actually want to lay in.

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