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A dog is sitting in the back of a car in an Enventur Travel Kennel

Ensuring Safe Pet Travel: Insights from Volvo and Solutions from Diggs

January 11, 2024

Traveling with our furry friends is more than just a journey; it’s about ensuring their safety and comfort, just as we would for any family member. Recent findings by Volvo Car USA and The Harris Poll have shed light on the risks and stress factors associated with unrestrained pets in vehicles. As pet guardians and advocates for their well-being, we at Diggs are here to guide you through the essentials of safe pet travel, inspired by Volvo's research and our innovative solutions.

The Alarming Statistics of Unrestrained Pets in Vehicles

Volvo’s study, in collaboration with The Harris Poll, reveals startling figures. Unrestrained pets in vehicles significantly increase unsafe driving behaviors and driver distraction, more than doubling the risk and duration of distracted driving. The study found 649 instances of unsafe driving behaviors when dogs were unrestrained vs. 274 restrained. Moreover, the time drivers were distracted more than doubled (3 hours 39 minutes unrestrained vs. 1 hour 39 minutes restrained) (Volvo Cars, 2019). Additionally, both drivers and pets were more stressed when unrestrained, with noticeable rises in heart rates. These findings are not just statistics but a call to action for every pet guardian who takes their furry companion on the road.

Importance of Securing Your Pet - Veterinary Insights on Pet Travel

Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro, a veterinarian, emphasizes the severe risks of having pets roam freely in a vehicle. “While pets roaming around the car can be cute and convenient, it poses serious risk for both drivers and their pets, both in terms of causing distractions and increasing the chances of serious injury in the event of an accident,” she said (Volvo Cars, 2019). Distractions, potential injuries, and the emotional toll on both pets and drivers are considerable. Securing your pet in a vehicle is not just about adhering to safety norms but about nurturing a safe and stress-free environment for everyone in the car.

Diggs' Innovative Approach to Pet Travel Safety

At Diggs, we took these findings to heart and crafted solutions that prioritize pet safety without compromising on comfort. Our range of travel solutions, including the Enventur Inflatable Travel Kennel and the Passenger Travel Carrier, are designed with your pet's safety and comfort in mind.

Enventur Inflatable Travel Kennel

Our Enventur Inflatable Travel Kennel is a testament to innovation in pet safety. Designed for all types of travel, this kennel is ultra-durable, lightweight, waterproof, and puncture-resistant. It's a breeze to set up – inflating in less than 60 seconds, and equally easy to deflate and store. With sizes catering to small, medium, and large dogs, the Enventur ensures your pet has a secure, comfortable haven, reducing stress and keeping them safely contained during your journey.

Passenger Travel Carrier

For smaller dogs and cats, the Passenger Travel Carrier is an ideal travel accessory. This 5-star crash-rated carrier is designed for both car and airline travel, ensuring your pet’s safety across various travel modes. Compact yet spacious, it offers thoughtful features like a detachable crossbody strap and multiple pockets, making travel convenient for both the pet and the owner.

“We are very impressed with Diggs' new pet carrier. It is rare for a new pet product to pass certification testing on the first try."


Safe Travel Practices for Pet Guardians

We advocate for the use of proper restraints and carriers while traveling with pets. It's essential for pet guardians and owners to understand the importance of securing their pets in vehicles for everyone's safety. By choosing the right travel accessories and following recommended practices, they can make every journey with their pet safe and enjoyable.

Making Every Journey with Your Pet Safe and Enjoyable

We conclude by reminding pet owners of their responsibility towards their pets' safety during travel. With the right tools and knowledge, every trip can be a safe and joyful experience.

FAQs on Pet Travel Safety

1. What are the risks of traveling with an unrestrained pet?

Traveling with an unrestrained pet in a vehicle poses several risks. It can lead to increased unsafe driving behaviors, as the driver might be distracted by the pet’s movements. There's also a higher risk of accidents and injuries for both the pet and the passengers. In the event of a sudden stop or crash, an unrestrained pet can also become a projectile, potentially causing serious injury to themselves and others.

2. How does securing my pet in the vehicle enhance safety?

Securing your pet in the vehicle significantly reduces distractions for the driver, leading to safer driving. It also ensures that in the event of an accident or sudden stop, your pet is protected from being thrown around inside the vehicle, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Secured pets are less likely to escape or cause additional hazards during an emergency.

3. What features should I look for in a pet travel carrier?

A good pet travel carrier should be sturdy, secure, and comfortable for your pet. Look for features such as crash-test ratings, ease of securing in the vehicle, adequate ventilation, and size appropriateness for your pet. Additional features like waterproof materials, ease of cleaning, and storage compartments can also be beneficial.

4. Can I use the Passenger Travel Carrier for airline travel?

Yes, the Passenger Travel Carrier is designed to be airline-friendly. It meets most airlines' requirements for carry-on pet travel and is small enough to fit under the seat in front of you, making it suitable for in-cabin pet travel. However, always check with your specific airline for their pet travel policies and carrier size requirements.

5. How does the Enventur Inflatable Kennel ensure pet safety?

The Enventur Inflatable Kennel is designed with safety in mind. It is made from puncture-resistant and waterproof materials, ensuring durability. Its air-cushioned walls provide a protective barrier during travel. The kennel can be securely tied down in the vehicle, and its design includes ventilated windows for pet comfort. In addition to verified third-party crash-testing, it's also tested to the following safety standards, ensuring a safe environment for your pet during travel:

  • Compression: Squishing on all sides (110lbs (s) to 270 lbs (L). Tested according to ANSI and ASTM protocols
  • Tension: Pulling on all sides (110lbs (s) to 270 lbs (L). Tested according to ANSI and ASTM protocols
  • Freezing Rain: ML-810G, 521.3 (product put in a chamber at 0 C and blasted with frozen water for an hour)
  • Severe Cold & Heat Performance: ML-810G, 501.5, 507.5, 502.5, 503.5 (product headed/cooled in a chamber and ran through all functional testing after)
  • Puncture Testing: Standard CFR 160.176-13
  • Bite Testing: Proprietary jig tested on all surfaces as no established standards exist
  • Lifetime Testing: Custom tests for each component based ion expected use over the life of the product (all parts tested for function 1400+ times)

6. Are Diggs’ travel products suitable for all sizes of pets?

Diggs offers travel products suitable for various pet sizes. The Enventur Inflatable Kennel comes in multiple sizes to accommodate small (up to 35 lbs), medium (up to 55 lbs), and large dogs (up to 80 lbs). The Passenger Travel Carrier is ideal for smaller pets, including cats and small dog breeds (up to 18 pounds). It's essential to choose a carrier or kennel that is appropriately sized for your pet to ensure their comfort and safety.

7. Is the Eventur Travel Kennel Crash Tested?

While the Passenger has received a 5-star crash-test rating from the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), Enventur has instead been tested rigorously by independent, third-party testing labs, ensuring that it meets our strict safety requirements.


The insights from Volvo’s study are a crucial reminder of our responsibility towards our pets. At Diggs, we’re committed to providing solutions that align with these findings, ensuring that every trip with your pet is as safe as it is enjoyable. Embrace the journey with your furry friend, but never compromise on safety.

Visit our website to explore more about Enventur and Passenger, and join us in making every journey with your pet a safe and memorable one.

For more insights on pet safety and innovative pet travel solutions, keep following the Diggs blog. We’re here to ensure that your adventures with your pets are always safe and joyful.


Volvo Cars. (2019). Study: Unrestrained Pets Increase Stress and Distraction on the Road. Retrieved from Volvo Cars Media

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