Dog in a crate with the door open and mother holding a child next to it.

Our story

Diggs began out of frustration with existing, poorly made pet products. We reimagined the dog crate and crate training experience and we are just getting started.

Our Mission

Improve the safety, happiness and health of pets through thoughtful design and innovation.

Passionate Pet Owners

Our team is made up of pet parents and pet lovers that care deeply about safety, good design and solving real problems.

The only thing we love (almost) more than our pets is seeing the happiness and joy our products bring to them.

Our Process

We solve real problems – for both pets and humans. This drives how we approach every product we create.

Never stop listening

We love feedback from our customers. In fact, we use it to improve our products at every turn.

Have an idea or want to share a frustration you’ve experienced with a pet product?

Create with us

Make a difference

Our business is based on a mission rooted in improving the lives of pets everywhere. We do this through the products we design but also through supporting charitable organizations.

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