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Product title: Enventur Travel Kennel

Product Summary: Ultra-durable yet lightweight inflatable kennel designed for safe car travel.

Ships within 1-2 business days.

Add Enventur Air Pump only for $75Add Enventur Air Pump | $75
Add Tie-Downs only for $45Add Tie-Downs | $45
Add Enventur Shoulder Strap only for $37.50Add Enventur Shoulder Strap | $37.50

Premium Safety & Durability
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Dedicated Customer Support
Easy/Tool-Free Assembly



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Enventur FAQs

What makes the Enventur Travel Dog Kennel ideal for car travel?

How long does it take to inflate Enventur, and what pump should I use?

How durable is the Enventur Travel Dog Kennel?

Are the materials used in the Enventur dog kennel safe for my pet?

Is it comfortable for pets to travel in Enventur?

Can I use Enventur for temporary indoor or outdoor containment?

Has the Enventur Travel Dog Kennel been crash-tested for safety?

Are there any accessories compatible with the Enventur dog kennel to enhance safety or convenience?

When will my order ship?

How can I contact DIGGS Care Team for further assistance?

Convenient for Travel

Enventur is lightweight, easy to inflate and deflate, and folds flat for efficient storage, making it perfect for on-the-go adventures. Waterproof materials make cleanup a breeze.

Designed for Pet Comfort

Ventilated windows and air-cushioned walls provide a comfortable, cool, and calming space for your pet on the go.

Ultra Durable & Secure

Built with puncture-resistant, waterproof materials and tested to military standards, Enventur keeps your pet safe and secure during travel. D-rings allow for attachment to your vehicle using our Tie-Downs.

Easy Inflate/Deflate

Rapidly inflate or deflate in just one minute with the Diggs Manual Pump, designed for speed and ease. Also compatible with other SUP, manual, or electric pumps that use the halkey-roberts valve attachment.

Great travel crate for an anxious rescue. Long car trips are no longer a challenge, and our pupper is now able to vacation with us despite having very high anxiety.

- Nicholas P.

Measuring for Enventur

Bench Seats

  1. Measure the distance between the front of the back seat and back of the front seat at the narrows point. Make sure the front seat is adjusted to the same position it will be used in while driving.
  2. Measure the distance between the top of the back seat and the ceiling of the vehicle at the narrowest point.

Cargo Area

  1. Measure the length of the cargo area with rear seats up
  2. Measure the width of the cargo area at the narrowest point
  3. Measure the height of the cargo area from the highest point of the floor to the lowest point of the ceiling.

Enventur’s angled front and back conform to the standard slant of a hatchback trunk an bench seats in most vehicles to minimize wasted space.

Versatile & Secure

Enventur’s angled walls conform to the standard slant of a hatchback trunk and bench seats in most vehicles to minimize wasted space.

Extensive Product Testing

Squishing on all sides (110lbs (s) to 270 lbs (L). Tested according to ANSI and ASTM protocols

Pulling on all sides (110lbs (s) to 270 lbs (L). Tested according to ANSI and ASTM protocols

Freezing Rain
ML-810G, 521.3 (product put in a chamber at 0 C and blasted with frozen water for an hour)

Severe Cold & Heat Performance
ML-810G, 501.5, 507.5, 502.5, 503.5 (product headed/cooled in a chamber and ran through all functional testing after)

Puncture Testing
Standard CFR 160.176-13

Bite Testing
Proprietary jig tested on all surfaces as no established standards exist

Lifetime Testing
Custom tests for each component based ion expected use over the life of the product (all parts tested for function 1400+ times)

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Specifically designed to quickly inflate and deflate the Enventur Inflatable Travel Dog Kennel. Sturdy and durable, with easy-to-read indicators to ensure proper inflation.

Ensure your pup rides safely with the Enventur Tie-Downs, which are necessary to ensure crash-tested safety performance. These heavy-duty tie-down straps are weather-resistant, waterproof, and easy to adjust.

Award-winning, 5-star crash-rated travel carrier for dogs and cats up to 18lb.