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Ten tips to use your dog crate safely.

Ten tips to use your dog crate safely.

Here at Diggs, safety is a core priority of everything we do. From the design of our products, to the conversations we have with other pet owners, safety is a #1 concern.
How to collapse a dog crate

How to Collapse a Dog Crate, The Revol Crate is Easy to Use!

We know pet parents have always struggled with the ugly, unsafe, and hard-to-use dog crates of yesterday. But today is a new day (hurrah!) and Revo...
how to choose use and maintain a dog crate

How to Choose, Use and Maintain a Dog Crate

A dog crate is an essential product for any pet parent. Unfortunately, pet parents don’t always know enough about dog crates to select, use and mai...
how long can a dog be in a crate

Pet Parent Guilt is Real: 5 Ways to Overcome it

Any dog parent knows “the look”: that look your dog gives you when you’re walking out the door, keys in hand, and promising profusely to “be back s...
the best folding dog crate in the world

The Best Folding Dog Crate: Why We Want You to Ask More from Your Pet Products

Here at Diggs we believe it’s time for better. We know that dogs are not simply pets, but furry family members who deserve the absolute best. We be...