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Product title: Pillo Dog Bed

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Selected Color: Ash

Original Price: $105

Selected Size: S

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Pillo is an ultra durable, adaptable, and most of all cozy dog bed that celebrates dogs for being dogs. Its plush filling and tough exterior allow pups to express their natural nesting and burrowing instincts without having to worry about rips and tears. Pillo is designed to fit perfectly with our Revol Dog Crate, but also functions as a standalone pet bed, both indoors and out.

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Small: 26"L x 2-6"H x 18"W | Medium: 32"L x 2-8"H x 20"W

Product height varies depending on your preferred amount of filling used.

Waterproof and washable: Accidents are no match for Pillo’s waterproof lining, but when they do occur, you can machine wash with ease. The shredded foam filling and all covers are fully machine washable and machine dryable, unlike traditional foam pads which are notoriously slow to dry and prone to mildew and mold growth, and the waterproof outer cover can easily be removed for cleaning.

Military Grade Durability: Pillo’s ultra tough outer cover is designed to stand up to biting, chewing, and scratching, allowing for natural nesting and digging behaviors. Its durability also makes Pillo the perfect bed for puppies.

Versatile: Use Pillo inside or outside the crate. You can even use it outdoors. Pillo works as a crate or standalone bed wherever your pup needs to lie-down.

Adjustable comfort: Easily add or remove filling to fluff Pillo to your pup’s ideal firmness. Find what your pup likes and spoil them with the ultimate nest.

Revol-Compatible: Each Pillo size is designed to fit perfectly in the corresponding Revol size.

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