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Product title: Revol Dog Crate

Product Summary: Ultimate, feature-packed dog crate uniquely designed for training and portability.

Ships within 1-2 business days.

Add Snooz Revol Pad only for $78Add Snooz Revol Pad | $78+
Add Groov Training Aid only for $34Add Groov Training Aid | $34
Add Crate Bowl only for $39Add Crate Bowl | $39+
Add 1-1 Virtual Dog Training only for $67Add 1-1 Virtual Dog Training | $67+

Premium Safety & Durability
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Dedicated Customer Support
Easy/Tool-Free Assembly



Shipping & Returns

“I’m not quite sure who loves their Diggs Revol crates more – me or my dogs.”

A logo for "Apartment Therapy"

"The Revol is a game changer for those
of us with pets in small spaces"

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"The dog crate your faithful
furry friend deserves"

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"Revol is as functional as it is
beautiful - a design lover’s dream"

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"One of the best collapsible
dog crates out there"

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Revol FAQs

How do I choose the right Revol crate size for my dog?

Can the Revol dog crate help with crate training my puppy?

What accessories are compatible with the Revol dog crate?

What makes the Revol dog crate superior to other crates?

Can I use the Revol dog crate for travel, or is it only suitable for home use?

How do I store the Revol dog crate when not in use?

When will my order ship?

How can I contact DIGGS Care Team for further assistance?

Focused on Pet Safety

Featuring pinch-proof mesh, no sharp corners, ultra sturdy construction, and non-toxic materials

Thoughtfully Designed

Collapsible design for easy setup, wheels and handle make moving Revol a breeze. Transport and store in seconds.

Perfect for Puppies

Including front, side, and ceiling access points and a puppy divider, Revol is the ultimate training tool. Its removable tray makes cleanup quick and easy.

Proven Revol Latch System

Unlike traditional crates, Revol’s latching mechanisms/dual lock doors are inaccessible to your pup, so you don't have to worry about escapes.

Real pups love Diggs.

"Believe the hype! This crate is truly magical. I’ve always had the
wire or plastic crates but this is hands down the best.”

- Lisa

Deciding between Revol and Evolv?

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