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Product title: Snooz Revol Pad

Product Summary: Orthopedic, luxurious and durable memory foam pad designed for Revol.

Ships within 1-2 business days.

Add Spare Snooz Cover only for $30Add Spare Snooz Cover | $30+
Add Crate Bowl only for $39Add Crate Bowl | $39+
Add Groov Training Aid only for $34Add Groov Training Aid | $34

Premium Safety & Durability
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Dedicated Customer Support
Easy/Tool-Free Assembly



Shipping & Returns

We made a better crate pad

We believe top-quality, environmentally innovative and safe materials are simply better!

A Perfect Fit

A beagle dog laying in a dog kennel

Designed to fit seamlessly inside our Revol Dog Crate, Snooz helps make their crate feel like home.

Easy to Clean

Inner cover of the Snooz Pad

Removable, machine-washable outer cover and liquid-resistant inner lining. Foam can be spot-cleaned.

Premium Materials

A deflated Enventur travel kennel

Luxurious outer cover and Premium CertiPUR-US® orthopedic memory foam, tested against rigorous standards.

Proven Revol Latch System

A close up of Revol's unique handle and locking mechanism

Unlike traditional crates, Revol’s latching mechanisms/dual lock doors are inaccessible to your pup, so you don't have to worry about escapes.

A dog lying on the Snooz Pad, inside an open garage door Revol Crate.

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