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Product title: 1-1 Virtual Dog Training

Product Summary: DIGGS has partnered with certified, positive reinforcement trainers to provide affordable, expert online training that's tailored to your dog's unique needs.


How it works

1. Choose your training package

  • Select 1, 3 or 6 sessions
  • Easily purchase additional credits
  • Training credits never expire

2. Schedule your session

  • Book online through your account
  • Choose a time that work with your schedule
  • Select your preferred trainer

3. Meet with your trainer

  • Video chat with your certified, experienced trainer
  • Each lesson is tailored to fit your dog and goals
  • Learn through live demos, verbal instructions and written recaps

4. Receive ongoing support

  • Message your trainer directly
  • Schedule check-ins as needed
  • Email, phone, or text support for general inquiries

Expert Trainers:

Our trainers are not only certified by leading organizations such as the AKC and Karen Pryor, but they also bring over a decade of hands-on experience using positive reinforcement techniques. This means they have the knowledge and skills to effectively address a wide range of behavioral issues while ensuring your dog's training experience is enjoyable and rewarding.

When you work with our expert trainers, you can expect:

  • Customized plans that cater to your dog's unique needs
  • Science-based, positive reinforcement techniques
  • A focus on building a strong, trusting bond between you and your dog
  • Gentle, force-free methods that respect your dog's well-being
  • Tools and insights to maintain your progress long after your sessions
  • A passion for helping you understand your dog better

What we can help with

Crate Training

Basic Training

Separation Anxiety

Puppy Training

Recall Training

Leash Walking

Other Problem Areas

"It was going to take 3 weeks to get into a local training class. Instead, I got help the next day. Murphy and I didn't have to leave the house!"

- Larry

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