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How it works

  1. Create a new registry or sign into your existing registry by clicking the "Create a Registry" or "Login" options above.
  2. Browse our products and click the "Add to Registry" button on the product page for each item you'd like to add (you can also create or sign into a registry directly from here, if you haven't already).
  3. After adding each item, you will see a "Manage My Registry" button. Click this button to see manage your list in the MyRegistry dashboard, and then click "Share" from that same dashboard when you're ready to send it to friends and family!
  4. Shower your furry friend in gifts galore.
  1. Spread the joy

    A registry is a way to bring together your family and friends together to share the joyous experience of welcoming the newest member to your household.
  2. Focus on what matters most

    Bringing home a new pet can be expensive and overwhelming. With a pet registry, you can plan ahead, reducing your stress and expenses. Focus on bonding with your new furry friend from the moment they arrive knowing that you have everything they need.
  3. Special celebrations

    Celebrating your pet's arrival, birthday, or other special occasion has never been easier, and what could be more fun than throwing a puppy shower? Whether it's a pet event or your own wedding or housewarming, a registry allows you to celebrate special occasions in a unique and personalized way.

Why Create a Registry?

Why Create a Registry?

Pre-Puppy Prep

A pet registry will ensure that you have all the necessities to provide the best possible care for your new furry friend. Having everything ready in advance can help reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your pup, and set you up for success from the start.

Give your pup the celebration they deserve

Whether you're bringing home a new puppy, throwing them a birthday celebration, or celebrating your own housewarming or other event, the Diggs Gift Registry has everything you need to make your pet's special occasion unforgettable. Don't miss out on the fun!