small dog inside grey revol dog crate
grey revol dog crate folded
opening the grey revol dog crate
taking out tray on grey revol dog crate
folding grey revol dog crate
grey revol dog crate top close up
dog inside opened grey revol dog crate
carrying grey revol dog crate
corgi inside opened grey revol dog crate
dog sleeping inside grey revol dog crate

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A patent-pending, modern collapsible dog crate that is safer and more convenient than a traditional one. Designed with an eye towards aesthetics, this flat folding dog crate will keep your furry friend cozy, healthy and happy! The small size can fit dogs up to 30 pounds.
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The Details

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Currently available in size small

Revol is available in size small for dogs up to 30 lbs. The medium and large sizes will quickly follow!

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Best for dogs up to 30 lbs.

Examples: french bulldog, miniature poodle, dachshund, miniature schnauzer, cavalier king charles spaniel, boston terrier, pug, corgi

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1 Year Limited Warranty

Revol Comes with 1 year limited warranty.

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Dimensions of Small Revol

  • Open External Dimensions:

    26.9”L x 19.6”W x 20.3”H
  • Collapsed External Dimensions:

    32.9”L x 19.6”W x 9.5”H
  • Open Internal Dimensions:

    25.1”L x 17.4”W x 18.6”H
  • Weight

    23.2 lbs

Meet Revol

Revol is a patent-pending, collapsible dog crate that is more beautiful, convenient, comfortable and safe than traditional dog crates.

By combining consumer feedback and baby industry standards, Revol has been engineered to raise the standard of living for dogs everywhere.

revol features
folded revol features 2

It’s easy to set up, easy to collapse, has two doors, three access points and wheels for easy transport. It’s effortless and stylish to make life with your pet less complicated and even more rewarding.

Revol dog crate offers a spacious interior with round edges, silver and graphite siding and a beautiful mesh pattern.


Why Revol?

note about revol dog crate

Revol successfully addresses the issues of current dog crates with an easy to collapse design that is more convenient, comfortable, customizable and aesthetically pleasing than its competitors.


revol is made from reinforced polypropyleneThe Revol flat folding dog crate is made from reinforced polypropylene, one of the only plastics approved by the FDA for food use, along with strong and secure steel mesh wire, and high quality aluminum that is light, strong and stunningly beautiful.


revol has a patent-pending collapsing mechanismRevol’s patent-pending collapsing mechanism means that pet parents can easily set up, collapse, store and transport their pet’s home within a home with one hand.


revol is ergonomically designedErgonomically designed and free of difficult closures, Revol can be opened from three sides and the bottom tray can easily be removed for cleaning.


revol accounts for the life stages of your petRevol is designed to grow with your dog, making it the perfect crate - from your puppy’s potty-training days to your senior dog’s den-loving days.


revol is easy to carry and transportThe Revol folding dog crate was made with a light, easy-to-collapse frame, two ergonomically correct handles, and strong wheels to make it easy to move and store.


revol is modern and stylishRevol is crafted to please the eye with smooth lines, a beautiful grate pattern and modern, cool tones.


And, with the coming line of accessories, starting with Snooz Crate Pad, Revol can be tailored to you and your dog’s individual needs.


Interested in a larger size?

Coming in 2019! Sign up for early bird discounts.

The Struggle is Real

Ah, the good old fashioned status quo. Pet parents have long lived with the frustration of owning a wire dog cage.

wire dog cages are unsafe
wire dog cages are ugly
wire dog cages are hard to use
wire dog cages are guilt inducing

And Other, More Premium Options Aren’t Much Better

Carriers: can’t be collapsed and aren’t comfortable
Soft-sided crates: not strong enough and not for everyday use
Furniture crates: expensive, can’t collapse, difficult to transport, and not modern looking


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