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Revol | Ceiling Hatch

November 3, 2019

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[Video Transcript]

Zel: Hey again. Zel here from Diggs intro series for the Revol dog crate. Here with Hillary and Willie.

Hillary: Hello.

Zel: What should we cover this time?

Hillary: Tell me about this ceiling hatch. Uhm, seems like a cool feature. But, what’s the point?

Zel: What’s the point. So, when you’re crate training a puppy, in particular, you often want to access the inside of the crate. You want to pet them. You want to calm them. Maybe give them treats or something like that. But, instead of having to open the front door where they tend to want to squirm out this kind of allows you to put your hand inside to access the crate without them wanting to squirm out.

Hillary: Oh, ok. Nice. Now show me how to open it.

Zel: So, there’s two knobs on the ceiling. You simply grab them and turn them 180 degrees. There’s an actual diagram which way is open which way is close. Lift it and that’s it. Close it. Reverse turn them 180 degrees.

Hillary: That’s great. How do I know it’s secure?

Zel: So, if you turned it and both are covering the hatch you can follow the diagram.

Hillary: Great. Easy enough.

Zel: Easy enough.

Hillary: Okay. I could probably even do it one-handed.

Zel: There you go.

Hillary: Nice. Okay. Do that — badabing — and then

Zel: Yep. That way.

Hillary: That way. Okay.

Zel: Got it.

Hillary: The diagram is very clear, I assure you.

Zel: Okay, cool.

Hillary: Secure. Great.

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