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How-to Videos

Revol | Collapsing & Raising

November 3, 2019

[Video Transcript]

Zel: Hey everybody. Zel again here from Diggs. This is the intro series for the Diggs Revol dog crate. Again here with Willie and Hilliary.

Hillary: Hello. Hey everyone.

Zel: Alright. What should we cover this time?

Hillary: Alright. Let’s talk about how to collapse the crate.

Zel: Yes. The key feature.

Hillary: Yes, the key feature.

Zel: Alright. So when it’s raised, to lower it you simply — I’m right-handed by the way — so I like to position myself this way. My right arm towards the crate. Easier that way

Hillary: Okay.

Zel: And you turn it counterclockwise. So, that means I’m turning it towards you 90 degrees.

Hillary: Okay.

Zel: Let the weight of the crate, the ceiling drop back down, and then you just fold the doors in. To raise it you just reverse. Lift the doors up

Hillary: Okay.

Zel: Raise that all the way up.

Hillary: Alright.

Zel: Turn 90 degrees.

Hillary: Okay and then how do I know that this ceiling is secure now?

Zel: Very important question. Uhm so number one, you want to listen for this click — that

Hillary: Alright.

Zel: That’s being locked you’ll see on the ceiling — hopefully on the video — there’s a notch on the ceiling and notch on the handle. You want those lined up but if you hear that actual click, you’re good to go.

Hillary: Alright and.

Zel: That ceiling.

Hillary: Very easy to see the notches.

Zel: This whole thing will support any weight.

Hillary: You were doing something with the sides.

Zel: Yes.

Hillary: So can you walk through it again? A little more slowly. Tell me what you were doing on the sides.

Zel: Sure. So, when this goes down sometimes it won’t go up like fall automatically by itself.

Hillary: And do you have to push it down?

Zel: No. You use the weight of the ceiling. You don’t want to push it down. What I did. I simply gently touched it on the side where it folds downward so it goes down.

Hillary: Okay and then these guys.

Zel: Yeah. Why don’t you give it a go?

Hillary: Ok. Let’s try. I’m also right-handed. Okay. Alright. This side. Alright, easy enough and I’m going to fold it back up. Let’s do it.

Zel: Let’s do it.

Hillary: It’s good.

Zel: Great.

Hillary: Nice. Easy enough.

Zel: Alright, thanks.

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