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A close-up look of the bottom of the Revol Crate.

Revol | Wheels

November 3, 2019

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[Video Transcript]

Zel: Hey everybody. Zel here with the intro series Diggs Revol crate. Here again with Hillary and Willie.

Hillary: Hello, hello.

Zel: How are you doing?

Hillary: Doing well.

Zel: What should we cover this time?

Hillary: Well, from time to time I do like to move his rate around the apartment. I saw there are wheels. So, talk to me about how easy it is to roll. What we need to know about that.

Zel: Sure. I’m going to show you the wheels first so you can see them. So, there on the bottom. Here’s the way it works is when you lift the crate at an angle you can easily roll it. Roll it from here. Whatever you like. I just wouldn’t recommend rolling it with a dog inside. It’s not safe. In fact, you can roll it while it’s collapsed. If you have it collapsed like this dedicated handle right there, you just roll. You want to try?

Hillary: Yeah, sure. Let’s see. Oh, super simple. It’s great. Cool.

Zel: That’s it.

Hillary: Nice.

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