The crate 


is here

The crate 

 revolution is here.

From crate to great.

More comfortable, more ergonomic, 

 more beautiful, more inviting. More than a crate: 

 The Revol & Snooz dog crate and bed combo is a home.

More comfortable, 

more ergonomic, 

 more beautiful, more inviting. 

More than a crate: 

 A place for your dog 

to call home.

Happy dog using Revol dog crate

Everyone’s New Best Friend

From set up to clean up, Revol makes life simpler, safer and better looking.

Snooz dog bed is comfortable and cozy

Crazy Comfy Cozy

Snooz is the bed dogs dream about.

Our Kind of Positive Reinforcement

Wire you settling?

Pet parents have long struggled with other dog crates & beds, finding them:


Ready to pinch paws, jaws, fingers, and toes.


Big steel eyesores we hide in a corner.


Hard to set up, clean up, and takedown — much less transport.


Dogs love homes. Not jails.

Join the Revolution.

We combined our love of dogs with our love of design to build a better crate:


No falling, no pinching, and no surprises.


Because yes, it’s a home for dogs — but it lives in your home, too.

Easy to use:

Because you should wrestle with your dog, not your dog crate.


Your dog’s new favorite spot.

Ready to upgrade your dog’s digs?