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JUST LAUNCHED: 1-1 Virtual Sessions with Certified Trainers

A husky dog standing in front of a dog crate


Stock up on bundles, clearance, and other discounted or refurbished products for Diggs quality at a discount.

Ultimate, feature-packed dog crate uniquely designed for training and portability.

Clearance - 40% Off MSRP

Thoroughly inspected and refurbished Revol Dog Crate.

20% off

Includes Revol dog crate and compatible crate bed, bowl, training aid, and treat spread.

20% off

Includes Evolv Dog Crate and compatible crate bed, training aid, and bowl.

35% off

Includes Classic Harness, Dispenser, Leash, and Poop Bags.

20% off

Includes Revol Dog Crate, Pillo Dog Bed, and Groov Crate Training Aid.

20% off

Includes Revol Dog Crate, Snooz Crate Pad, and Groov Crate Training Aid.

$8 Bundle Savings

Includes all three flavors of Treat Spread.

35% off

Includes Leash, Collar, and Dispenser.