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Diggs Eventur Small Front

Enventur | Third Party Add-Ons

Enventur Accessories

While we've engineered the optimal manual pump for efficient Enventur inflation, we've also scoured the web to find recommended third-party accessories that can further enhance the Enventur experience.

Electric Pump:

Don't feel like inflating the kennel yourself? Purchase one of the below electric pumps to set it and forget it. However, please keep in mind that the Diggs Enventur Manual Pump allows for the fastest possible inflation and deflation.

  • Recommendation Link 1
    • Inflates Enventur in 3-5 minutes (depending on size)
    • Powered by 12V Car Connector
  • Recommendation Link 2
    • Inflates Enventur in 3-5 minutes (depending on size)
    • Multiple power options available
    • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
      • Battery power can also be used to charge mobile devices.
    • 60 Watt AC power (in home power outlet)
    • 12V Car Connector

Replacement Hose:

Enventur Fan Attachment

Even with a well-ventilated travel kennel like Enventur, attaching a fan can provide additional airflow, ensuring your pet remains cool and comfortable in hot conditions.



  1. Unpack both the fan and the self adhesive wall hook
  2. Hang the fan from the hook. Do not apply/expose the adhesive yet!
  3. Place the wall hook on the side of Enventur so the fan aligns with the window
  4. Mark the opposition of the hook with a pencil
  5. Remove the fan from the hook and follow the instructions on the wall hook packaging to apply it at the location you marked on Enventur.
  6. We recommend waiting at least one hour before hanging the fan on the hook

Other recommendations:

  • We recommend removing the fan from the hook when not in use
  • If your hook has a base plate, we recommend removing the hanger when you fold and store your Enventur leaving only the base plate attached. The hanger can be stored with the fan so it doesn’t get lost.

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